Kicks-To-Go: Every Step Counts
Friday, 2, October 2015

Times are changing definitely in the local sneaker world. It’s fast and uncompromising. Prices change, sneakers change hands as fast as hashtags and instagram posts. If you’re slow and a no show, that pair you want is already gone and being stunted already.

Stores like Kicks-To-Go know it and they keep up with the times.

Pairs today  - money tomorrow.

Cash on hand - sneakers on feet.

It’s all good as change is beautiful, it’s a matter of embracing it, moving forward and staying on top. Every step counts.


Why the name Kickstogo? How did your shop start out?

Obviously, it’s just a compressed word for KICKS-TO-GO / KICKS-ON-THE-GO nothing special with it. It started out as a hobby (collecting sneakers) with my partners. We have this ritual “Da moves” posting on Facebook our best/highly sought or hard to find sneakers. Until common friends started to ask us same questions like, where I got my sneakers and could they pre-order. That is how we started. Until one day, we decided to resell some of our collection (‘coz it’s too much for us) we were happy to earn a lot of money. And that's it. It fell into place. The rest was history.

As an owner of a sneaker/lifestyle store do you see to it that you follow the trends or do you follow your preferences more when it comes to stuff you carry?

"Sneakers have become agents of social change" as per Bobbito "Koolboblove" garcia. We follow trends to learn more about on how to enhance our style/preference. We duplicate what's best, then apply our personal spin on it. More like we duplicate and re-create. 

Great job in expanding your stuff to a clothing line. Was it something planned or spontaneous?

We love to re-invent. Duplicate what famous brands do, while adding our personal touch to it. But seriously, clothing and apparel is not on the plan. Back in the days, when you sell sneakers (online) it's really hard to convince people that you’re not a scammer. Especially when you do not have a physical shop. We’re lucky to have celebrity friends that share the same passion. We took advantage of it by having them wear our "branding/shirt" and vouch for us by using/posting their image on social media. 

We see celebrities supporting your store. Who among them are the biggest sneaker fans?

Almost all of them. But I must say Billy Crawford be the illest.

As a sneaker collector yourself, can you share with us your top most favorite pairs?

1. Jordan 9 (white/black) - until now I don’t know why, but I love it! (image from nike blog)

2. AF1's (all white) - It’s not comfy but for the love of DRE. It’s my 6th pair of them.

3. Adidas Superstar (white/black) - RUN DMC is the influence. I like their style. I’m feelin’ the JMJ groove every time I wear them. So yeah, it’s a must.

 4. AM97 – I love bullet trains when I was a kid, and they look like it.

5. Puma Suede (black) - I don’t like the shape of the toebox, but everytime I rock my suedes, sneakerheads be like, nice kicks brah! (image from kith)

6. Clark's Wallabees - Coz I love how they look with khakis. Are you sure you guys only need five? I like classic sneakers that goes well with my rugged style. 

The local sneaker scene has changed a lot since it boomed years ago. Can you share with us your observations?

It’s always been changing, but not this wild. I like the older ways where "real sneakerheads" go on a camp out, stunt with their heat, share common interest on kicks, (Iba ang dating e!) and do trades with co-sneaker nuts. The only problem back in the days is how to maintain/prolong the life of our favorite pairs. Sad to say, collector nowadays just purchase what is hype. To hype and "be hyped". Hayup talaga! 

Owning a store, do you get high on your own supply of shoes?

Before. Of course! I love sneakers! And that’s the risk when you collect and at the same time you sell sneakers. It's a "sneakerhead thang." But now, I’m really trying my best to stick with my "Simple but Best" pairs. So help me God. 

What sneaker line in your store is the constant bestseller?

Jordans are still the #1 best sellers. Air Max is the second best. This year (2015) I was surprised about our adidas queries. I remember last Manila Sneaker Expo event (Oct 2014) we saw like only 4 wearing Superstar and Stan Smith. And now, when I visit the mall, Salcedo Market, Mercato, everybody is wearing them. Very nice very nice..

Are there particular brands or lines that you intend to bring in the future?

 I’m a fan of Virgil Abloh's OFF-WHITE and Hiroshi Fujiwara of (Fragment Design) dude, I  like your style. If you’re reading this, it’s not too late! (Drake voice) Let's do this! LOL 

Shoutouts? Greetings?

Thank you Kickstogo! Shoutouts: shoutout to my KTG + chups shop family. Thank you for understanding me. Shoutout to my homie Ron of Shoegame Manila, (I will visit your shop soon) JP unlimited (wassup jun pyo, wheres my roundel am1?) Big shoutout to (VICIOUZ) ya better recognize! Thanks for the shirts foo!, Shoutout to "STAUNCH" auto performance. Salamat Pareng Marbel! Visit their shop coz it will blow the aftermarket parts in your head! My entire shoe collection is just the price of his front calliper. DJ Tom, DJ Mccoy, DJ Schneider (D.W.A.-DJ's with attitude), shoutout to my customs homies for taking care of our yeezys. JL's Cebu Lechon for taking care of my diet. Chef Roman Melgar for my cap. Chef Eman for hiring me as your food critic (you’re in deep trouble buddy) and of course, Team Shoephoric for the feature! This is FSV of KTG signing off. (tooooooot)