Because One is Enough. Ryan Ignacio
Friday, 7, August 2015

It takes a certain commitment to be a completist of something. Especially in the field of sneaker collecting, it can be a very tedious and wallet draining activity. Never mind the money, there are pairs that are near unattainable no matter how much you are willing to spend for them. It takes passion- a lot of it, that and patience and even long train rides... meet Ryan Ignacio of Team LMS and OG Archived. His collection of vintage Jordan 1’s is insane. Check out our conversation with the man behind the iconic collection.

We all lead double lives. What do you do outside of sneaker collecting?

I am a husband and father taking care of his family. I also run and manage several businesses.

We heard that you used to have a wide range of Jordans? Why the change of focus to 1's?

Other Jordans have become too mainstream. Besides, 1’s last a long time, and that makes them a good investment. They can be used for years, and even if they are not used and are just stored, they remain intact.

Tell us more about OG Archived... How did it happen?

It just really stemmed from my passion for OG pairs. In the sneaker community, I met several key persons, including my business partner right now. He actually owns the first OG Archived, which is an Instagram-based business in the US. Given the several transactions we had, we became good friends, and we eventually decided to bring the business to the Philippines, having seen the potential of the market. So we launched OG Archived Philippines on Instagram and Facebook. It was widely received in the sneaker scene, and we became known as a supplier of OG and premium pairs. Now, we’re in the process of putting up a physical store in Manila, with a target opening date of December 2015.

Name us that 1 pair with a great story behind it.

1985 Air Jordan 1 Carolinas. It’s one of my first pairs of OG 1’s, which I got from Japan many years ago. While in Japan, I went looking for a renowned store carrying OG items. I spent a considerable amount on taxi fare (which is an expensive mode of transportation in Japan), and I spent the whole day looking for the store. I eventually found it, where I saw an OG 1 in my size (12, which is difficult to find). The pair was store display only and not for sale, but I begged them to sell me the pair, until they eventually agreed. As I got out of the store, I realized that there was a train station just a few blocks away, and that it was actually easy to get to the store.

Give us your top 5 pairs from your collection and do give us details too.

1985 Air Jordan 1 Blacktoes – This is considered the most iconic Air Jordan 1 pair, probably because it’s one of the first Air Jordan 1’s issued, and was often used in promotions and advertising of the Nike/Jordan brand.

1985 Air Jordan 1 Shadows – It took me a long time to get this pair because it was difficult to find one. It eluded me for many years.

1985 Air Jordan 1 Black/White – I like its simplicity. 

1985 Air Jordan 1 White/Black-Red – It represents the Chicago Bulls colorway, and easily one of the most sought after colorways of all time.

2000 Air Jordan 1 White/Navy Version 1 Sample Blacktoes Jumpsuit Colored Jumpman – Extremely rare Air Jordan 1 sample. Notable collectors around the world claim that it is 1 of 1, since they have not seen any other pair.

If you had a chance to customize a Jordan 1, how would it look like?

Blacktoes (STP factory quality) with my wife’s and daughter’s initials laser etched on each side. (FYI - STP factories back then provided the best materials for the 1985 OG 1s)

Was it hard to shift from all Jordans down to the very first one? The Jordan 1? Share with us.

No. It was a very easy decision, especially after having seen most of my Air Jordans with polyurethane materials crumble.

Any tips to those just beginning to go your route of collecting?

Don’t think twice about getting Air Jordan 1’s. Choose shoes that are made of materials that could withstand time, so your money wouldn’t go to waste.

What are the pros and cons of bringing your pairs for display at sneaker events? Any stories you'd want to share?

Pros, I get to share my collection, and other people get to appreciate the pairs. I also have a venue to impart my ideas in sneaker collecting and influence others to get only quality pairs. Cons, logistics-wise, it can be difficult. Also, during the event, the shoes become exposed to frequent handling by people, despite notices and requests not to touch them.

Is there that one pair that has eluded you for the longest time?

Yes, the 1985 Air Jordan 1 Kentuckys.

Shoutouts please!

First of all to my family especially to the love of my life, my wife Kat for supporting me in all my endeavor. To my friends in and out of the industry and to the future friends of OG Archived.