Reniel Monsale of SPTERO KNOWS SB
Tuesday, 2, June 2015

Is the Nike SB Game really slowing down? Lately, that has been a common concern for everyone knee deep (or neck deep) in the shoe game. It’s a concern that it used to be campout madness for almost every pair, but because of different releases that have eventually distracted the most SB focused, only the diehard Dunk SB disciples remain. One of the most hardcore is Reniel Monsale of Sptero Knows SB, let’s hear it from the man himself...

Who is SPTERO Knows SB? Tell us how you get started with the insanity of reselling.

SKXSB is an online seller of Authentic Nike SB's since 2k12. Shoes were shipped here in the Philippines from the United States.

The craze started way back 2003, during my college days. I got a strong obsession with rock bands and hiphop artists and watching them perform made me feel ecstatic. All details concerning them matters to me not only the way they rock the stage but also on their get up. That's the time I saw them wearing Nike SB dunk, which I consider to be the best of the best sneakers I've ever fancied. As a college student, I don't have enough money to buy and I don't even know where to find one. I had my first job by the year 2009 where I also started collecting. I saw a group on facebook where we share the same interest and passion. There I tried selling my old personal pairs to purchase a new one. I am an entrepreneur by heart and love to take risks. I outset a pilot type business wherein most of the pairs I've ordered were my size for the reason that if they won't be sold, I would just have to rock them all. Luckily, it outweighed my expectations. All from the first batch were sold-out in less than three weeks.... and the rest is HISTORY.

When you started out with the hobby, what was your first pair? Care to share the story behind them?

My first ever pair? Nike SB Atomic Red and Nike SB Spiderman Mid. I had them both from 2009.

That time, Facebook is not yet known, but 'sulit' and multiply days I might say. Since I was searching the internet, I saw this post by a FilAm Military taking a vacation here in the Philippines. Those two pairs were sold to me at a steal price. Aside from knowing that they're not locally released, I was really euphoric that very moment I got them on my hands...

How is business doing? Are you planning to include more lines in your arsenal? Or are you sticking to your guns

I've been in the industry for almost 2 and a half years and I can say that business is really doing well. Online selling is somehow risky. It's pre-selling and not on a preorder basis. Another thing is on any type of line, it's not always peak season. That's where I turn on my online entrepreneurship skills. Not all batches succeed. There were times it's break even, but I'm fortunate since the sales were high on most instances. Whatever the outcome was, it doesn't matter because this is what I enjoy, this is my PASSION...

I will be sticking to my game for now, that's why I am confident to sell such. But I am capable of going for possibilities to include more lines aside from Nike SB...

Admittedly there is a decline in SB hype, in your opinion, what factors contributed to its slow down?

Competition in the shoe game is clearly visible. We have noticed the sudden step-up on sneakernomics last year. There were various options to choose from aside from Nike SB and in my opinion, that's the number one factor affecting the hype.

Subsequently, Nike SB would not want to be the last thing in line so they responded quickly by tailing the trend. They lead off to collaborations introducing the Janoski Max (Janoski x Air Max), P. Rod, Koston, Bruins, Blazers, Trainerendors, Janoski and Dunks.

Name the Top 5 kicks in your collection.

5. Takashi 1 (2003) & 2 (2007)

Black is my fave and it matches the silver and gold swoosh of the Takashi. What I had first is the Takashi 2 and later copped the Takashi 1 at a good condition and price.

4. Janoski Obsidian Leather

One of the most hyped pair in Nike SB Stefan Janoski of all time. If you're a legitimate collector, it's a MUST HAVE.

3. 720 (2008)

720 is a head turner because of its colorway, the first couple pair my girlfriend and I had. The pink swoosh reminds me of my fave skater, Ali Boulala, a punk skater who is fond of the color pink.

2. Tiffany (2005)- high and low

One of the most hyped pair in Nike SB of all time. If you're a legitimate collector, it's a MUST HAVE...

1. Old Spice (2007)

A tribute to the Master Rapper, Francis M., my ultimate idol during my time. I saw him wearing these at the FMCC launching at X-print Trinoma. I got this one as dead stock and I haven't wore it since then. It's a masterpiece representing 3 stars and a sun.

Give us 3 pairs that you aim owning.

NIKE SB Supa, Paris, and What The Dunk

Tell us about being a www.shoephoric.com merchant? Was it able to help your sales?

Being a shoephoric merchant gave a great boost to increase my shoe game network and reach. It's a way for SKXSB to be acknowledged and trusted at the same time. I can say that it contributed a lot to my sales since shoephoric is the shoe lovers' network.

Your best customer and worst customer experience... Share with us!

I can't tell the best customer experience I had since dealing with my valued customers is the best feeling inside. I enjoy a lot most especially during meet ups wherein we have time to share our common interests. As I have always been saying, the friendhip I have gained is much more satisfying than the price they paid. This formula will sum this up:




On the otherhand, I won't be a hypocrite not saying I haven't experienced the worst part. Okay I'll share this event with a first time buyer of mine. He had his downpayment already and we decided to do meet up. Of course there were times, conflict happens especially when I had multiple buyers in a day. I already expected to receive text messages from an angry client. Worst thing is accusing me that the transaction was a scam. So when I met him that day, I just smiled and managed the situation. I apologized, it's part of the game, not all buyers are the same. But at least, I have handled it well and even though unexpected things happened, I still saw the satisfaction in his face as soon as he got the pair...

What are your future plans with SPTERO Knows SB?

We are an online shoe seller and having a physical store is one of our goals. I dream on having a skateshop to accommodate more of our customers who are passionately inclined with SB. We're also planning to add up some apparels and other stuff.

Shoutouts please!

First and foremost, I would like to thank the Creator for making my life successful.

Also to my family: Consorcia and Rolando Monsale, Roselyn and Kent Avestruz, Raissa and Jester Asinas, Tonette and Jhay-Ar, and Rowena Monsale for all their love and undying support.

Nerrie Lour, my loving girlfriend and my number 1 fan as well who have been there all through my ups and downs even outside the shoegame.

My special thanks to Nike SB Talk Philippines, Stefan Janoski Market Philippines, Janoski Elite Society, Team M, SGA, SPCC, ADU, Wakwak and to all my online friends and solid buyers of SPTERO Knows SB. Thank you so much.

My Business Mentors: Bro. Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Club, Robert Kiyosaki, RHV, Go Negosyo Team and Bagnetified Family.

And to Shoephoric Team for giving me this chance to be featured on your website.