THE GYPSY DREAM for One Town One Shoe
Wednesday, 22, April 2015

One Town One Shoe is Shoephoric’s advocacy which aims to elevate the livelihood of local shoe cobblers and catapult them to a bigger arena where they can display their artistry. Shoephoric’s plan is to assist cobblers from different towns in the Philippines starting with Gapan, Nueva Ecija known as the “Tsinelas Capital of the North”. Each pair sold brings them closer to the fruition of their dreams.

We call our latest collaboration as the GYPSY DREAM. The collection symbolizes carefree adventures and kaleidoscope dreams. The sandals are designed to romp stylishly, frolic freely or travel comfortably whichever way you please.

With colorful beads, embellished straps and cushioned soles, these sandals will make you stand out wherever you go! Enjoy your pair while giving our cobblers a future brimming with financial and artistic freedom. The same liberating feeling that you get everytime you wear a pair.


Summer Dawn

Because every day is a fresh start. A clean slate, a new dawn of possibilities. As vibrant as the summer morning, life is awesome!

Fresh beginnings and glorious mornings. Every pair represents a joyous journey.

Gypsy Glow

When you are a free spirit, your glow is as strong as the morning sun. Powerful and graceful, able to withstand the elements with grace.

Free roaming and adventurous. Radiate in your next adventure with this pair.

Wild Heart

Love has no boundaries. Explore the unknown and let your emotions be felt. An intense mix of shades and colors.

Emotional and artsy. Strap on a pair and let the wild be your guide.

The sweet breeze that delivers bliss. The warm blows of wind that resemble a kiss. The calming voice of a sweet friend. A weekend getaway replayed on and on in your mind. The Gypsy Dream is that and more that you can think of. After all, it's yours to enjoy, cherish and wear. Dream on.


As the dream comes to a close, excitement brews once again as we all know that another one is about to unfold. Every moment with the Gypsy Dream is a moment cherished, an adventure remembered, an experience, a pair to be enjoyed by women of all ages.