The Statik Age: Meet Kickstatik!
Tuesday, 03, March 2015

The sneaker reselling business has gone a long way. Now, it’s pretty easy to jump on the sneaker selling bandwagon because it’s profitable and is now a trend to some. But among the clutter, there are those who have been in the game way back when it was yet to be the phenomenon it is now. Enter Kickstatik, from their humble beginnings to their current celebrity-endorsed stature, they remain grounded and humble.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. And Mrs. Statik of Kickstatik!

How did Kickstatik come about? Can you share with us how you guys started out?


I started selling shoes back in 2007 long before Kickstatik. During my days in the music scene, I was one of the very few who sells nike SBs, Vision Street Wear and BBC Ice Creams at that time. Stocks were limited, we would drop 20 to 30 pairs a month. Mostly P-rod 1’s and 2's, Team Edition SB’s and Nike 6.0s. Back then, it’s either Multiply.com or you stack all the kicks in your car and sell them to people after the gig.

I promote my kicks onstage and people would check out my mobile shop after the show. Haha!

Also every weekend, I skate with colleagues at BGC and sell shoes on the spot. Real hustlin' took place in 2007.

After I got married I went on a hiatus. Then one day at a party at Diamond Hotel (2013)  I met an old friend, my kababata, Mimi DeLa Fuente - Karlo Wong's Queen. Karlo, Mimi and I talked about sneakers and how they run the sneaker biz. I was again inspired.


October 2013, I came up with an idea of opening a shop for female sneakerheads. I asked an old friend Trell Cachao, a member of Shoebay Fam California if she can hook me up. I also consulted my husband since it's his forte.

So the three founders talked about it over Viber and after a few days... KICKSTATIK was born. After a few months, we gained contacts from Singapore, Japan and Australia. Some of our close friends jumped in and became Statik Teams of their respective countries. James of SG, Alvin of Perth and Rhob of Japan.

2014 we opened at Poshmark Boutique a premier shop of top online sellers located at Timog QC, near GMA.

So yea, that's basically how we all came to be. That's the Kickstatik story.


Give us your favorite pairs and the stories behind them.


I would say the Adidas (Kobe Bryant) EQT Elevation or Crazy 97. I remember I was living in Kuwait when it first came out. Back then I was so amazed by rookie Bryant's moves that I became a huge fan, I bought two pairs. One for ballin' and one for casual use. 

Me and my Filipino friends would wear kobes and play ball with our Egyptian neighbors. Me and my EQT’s shared a lot of adventures back in the Middle East.

Another favorite is the (Pharell Williams) Reebok BBC Ice cream Boardflip, I was one of the first few heads to rock 'em here in Pinas. I got my first pair from a sneaker shop in Timog called "FRESH" way back 2006. They sell rare BAPE shoes and rare Japanese vinyl collectibles. Me and my colleagues from the music scene would hang out there. We even did a music video at their shop.

They only have one pair of Ice Cream Boardflips.

It was the rare "Mocha" colorway and I bought  them right away. Man, my creams broke lotsa necks during those "ICE CREAM" hype days. After a few months I asked my relatives and friends from the states to hook me up. I started selling them to artists, skaters and friends in the biz. The BBC Ice Cream Boardflip 1 and 2 played a big role in my sneaker biz.



I would have to say BBC Ice Cream Boardflips also. Those Pharrell Williams/Nigo signature shoes gave off a lot of unforgettable memories.

First off, I bought mine from Jay way back 2008, I got the rare 'Banana Split' colorway and the black one. I still have them today and I graced the photoshoot with my OG Ice Creams.

One time at NIKE KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, MY, I was checking out the shoes there and  I even bought a pair of Blazers. The Malaysian sales lady approached me and said, "Hi those are BBC Ice Creams yea, size 7?" Yup, I answered. She was like "Niiice!  It's my first time to see it up close. We don't have it here in Malaysia. Would you sell them to me? I mean you can chose 2 pairs from this outlet, I will pay." 

She was like literally saying please, and telling everyone from the store about Pharrell's shoes. So yea, those are my beloved Boardflips. Hehe :)

Seeing your photos, we can see that you also have a liking for high end brands, do you make it a point to match your get up as well as your shoes with each other?


I was born and raised in Japan. My parents own an autoparts company. We import  Japanese sports cars, engines, mags, etc.

Here in Manila, my mother taught me to always look sharp in everything I do. Specially when I’m to have my own business in the future. She introduced me to brands like LVs, MCM, Givenchy, Bulgari etc. and my husband is the opposite. He's into bandshirts, streetwear, skate brands and all that.

We respect each other’s tastes so we decided to mix them together. Now he's addicted to Givenchy apparels and I'm into band shirts. Haha!

We've noticed that you have quite a lot of celebrity endorsers, was that intentional or it just happened naturally?


We started out with 280 followers on Instagram. One time me and my husband were chillin' at Happy Lemon Greenhills. From afar he saw Andi Eigenmann. Jay was like "Uy si Andi!" he told me "Lapitan mo nga tapos kunin mong endorser." I said don't dare me.

So I approached her I said "Hi Andi, I'm Michiko owner of Kickstatik. Would you like to be our endorser? I'll give you a pair of Jordans. What's your size?". That time we met with one of our buyers so most of the size 5y and 6y kicks are inside the car. Andi went "Wooa! Really? Suure!"

That moment I was like the happiest person ever. Haha! I said "Pili ka, nasa car yung mga shoes." 

Grabe she's so down to earth. From Happy Lemon she walked with us to the parking lot. She got her first pair from us, the Jordan 1 "Joker". Andi Eigenmann is Kickstatik's first endorser. And what we like about her is SOLID Kickstatik siya.

I mean we don't have contracts or anything but she sticks with us. For me and my husband that's a big thing. There are others who receive their pair and don't even bother posting them online. I believe Andi understands that it is hard earned money right there. We are so thankful to her. She gave us our big break! After Andi's first post via Instagram our followers went from 280 to 1.5k in 24 hours. After a week we jumped to 3K! Everything happened in an instant.

Premier comedian Gladys Guevarra texted us and bought a pair. After a few months, we became close friends. Then we Met Meg Imperial, another down to earth celeb who became a close friend. From Meg we met Ellen Adarna at one of her "Moon of Desire" taping... We gave them kicks and apparel. Then we met the gorgeous Sam Pinto. Sam introduced us to Gwen Zamora. Alex Gonzaga a schoolmate/sister pal of mine became an endorser too.

Yassi Pressman, Elisse Joson, Chie Filomeno, Karen Reyes, Rogel  Africa, vocalist of Valley of Chrome, models Janny Medina and Alyssa Agustin.

So yea, one big Kickstatik Fam!

In your collective opinion what is the direction in general that sneakers/shoes are going for?


It's actually going in the right direction. Way back 06-07 you have to pass thru a needle to get a cool pair. I'm happy nowadays because you see kids rockin' J'S, Skaters grinding on Janoski's, at the mall, a family of four wearing fam packs from the dad to the toddler.

There's a growing number of sneakerheads and collectors. I mean you gotta respect them specially those who are just starting in the game. Guys do not be ashamed if you only have a few.

Do not be ashamed if you aren't rockin’ rare ones. Remember all collectors started from ONE PAIR. And being a sneakerhead isn't about quantity.

You see shoes are like Flashdrives, they can store a huge amount of memory, you just have to use them in your daily adventures, trips etc. When they’re old and creased then that's the time to stack 'em so everytime you look at that pair, it’s like watching your 10th birthday on VCR.

Know your shoes and get the ones that will fit your personality. Don't buy a certain pair just because they're hyped up. Owning an expensive pair doesn’t make you a guru. The culture is from the heart.

We noticed that music plays a huge role within the Kickstatik camp, care to share your favorite genres and artists as well?


I grew up listening to Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Iron Butterfly, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk and Nazareth.

My father was a hippie, he has this huge collection of vinyl, a total of 2,000 plus black circles, he gave them all to me during my gig days. Rare albums from The Zombies, The Beatles, Grandfunk Railroad, Santana, Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, Woodstock /69 triple vinyl, concert for Bangladesh.

Name it, I have it!

I remember when Francis Magalona was still alive he saw my Vinyl collection. He was like "p*&^#XXX!! nice collection man!", that's an unforgettable compliment from the King! Haha.

I am a born rocker, a metalhead, scandinavian death, doom and power metal to be specific. I have a huge collection of metal albums. Late 80’s and 90’s, bands like Sabbat (dreamweaver), Dismember, Protector, In Flames, At The Gates, Opeth, Cathedral, Dissenter, Marduk, Hate eternal and the list goes on.

I also listen to seattle grunge, Mother Love Bone, Screaming Trees, Green River, Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam. I have an ear for early Busta Rhymes and Wu Tang, Organized Confusion, Senser, Blackmoon, new school stuff like Apathy, Celph Titled and Styles of Beyond.

I know my music very well.

What are your plans for Kickstatik?


This year, Kickstatik is teaming up with with Allen Ong and Sheryll Reyes owners of KikzYO Republic California for bigger drops and projects.

We don't actually have big plans, we don't want to make it big in this game. We don't want to be on top of all the shops. We just want to enjoy what we have and what we do.

Name your top 5 kicks / holy grail pairs...


1. First is the classic (converse) Cons Acropolis, Latrell Sprewell's signature shoes. I use to play at Club Dredd and Mayrics wearing ‘em. Too bad I left mine at my sister's place in Kuwait back in 1997. If anyone still has em, size 8 please let me know. Sell it to me!

2. Adidas kobe EQT Elevation or Crazy 97

3. Reebok BBC Ice cream Boardflip 1

4. Nike 6.0 Tetris

5. Reebok Pump Shaq Attaq, I'm a Reebok guy. I love pumps!



1. Reebok BBC Ice Cream Boardflip 1

2. Nike Roshe Run Forest Camo

3. Nike Airmax 90 Fluorescent Trio

4. Vans Sk8-Hi

5. adidas Superstars


Shoutouts/Stuff to promote

Shout out goes to our Co-Founder Trell Cachao, Allen Ong, Sheryll Reyes, Mimi and Karlo Wong, Andi Eigenmann, Meg Imperial, Yassi Pressman, Tita Barbie and Elisse Joson.

Aj Sato, Yoon Kang, Cindy Tan, Andi’s Make up Artist a.k.a Beauty Queen Madam Jhorie, Alvin Abellar, James Jose, Rhob Calixtro, Rogel Africa of Valley of Chrome, Jomarc and Kim, Jolo Flores, Miss Cher Aquino Daguio-Mercene, Poshmark Team, Sir Arvin of Shopppaholic and hubby, Tita Lovely Soriano, ShoEbayFAM, Kickstatik team and Shoephoric!