Through The Royal Lens: 33rd PRINCE
Friday, 15, June 2018

Being part of the shoe game isn’t based on how long you’re at it. It’s measured on how deep you’re into the lifestyle. It’ll all about indulging on what you love to do and taking it to the next level – be it fashion, the business, music, or art. It becomes bigger than you, to a point that you become an icon of inspiration.

Our Featured shoephoric claims to be new in the shoe game, but his works have resonated in shoephoric and throughout Instagram.

Meet the @33rd.prince!

Can you give us a short background on what you do and what got you into the sneaker game?

I'm 33rd Prince a.k.a. Nadge, a full-time visual artist/director. I create social media content for business accounts i.e. Limited Edt, Uberpool campaign, adidas Arkyn campaign, etc.

I’m quite new in this big crazy sneaker game. On May 2017 I was offered by Quick Strike Asia (QSA) to join them at the Sole Fest in Jakarta, Indonesia. From there, I was introduced to the scene. John Paul Briones was one of the people who actually influenced me in collecting sneakers. He gave me a sample pair of Adizero, he also passed me his Nike SB dunk Diamond and showed me all his crazy collections. The QSA founder Odick passed me his luggage full of UltraBoost! He let me keep it and use it. I’m so stoked that I have all these grails in my rotation. Now, I’m hooked. I just keep buying from GR to Limited pairs.

Why the name 33rd Prince? Care to explain?

Haha! I've been getting this question a lot and I always swerve on it. But okay let me explain: "33/33rd" is a Masonic degree. "Prince" came from my musical background, I used to be in a rap scene way back and I use "Prince Nadge" as my stage name. In the rap scene, there's a lot of "Lil" and "Young" so wanna be different by using Prince. That's how the name 33rd Prince was born.

Considering your style, who do you regard as the best style icons?

I’m currently into this crazy colorful style, I would say Ronnie Fieg and Sean Wotherspoon are my top 2.

What message would you like to convey with your photography?

It's not about the gear, it's all about your creativity and vision.

What’s your opinion on “one to rock one to stock?” Do you consider double pairs for your collection?

I would do that if I have the chance to get the pairs in retail. Unfortunately, I don’t have any double pairs right now.

Can you share with us your best pic to date?

So far, here are my top 3 all-time fave pictures.

For you, what are the most over hyped and underrated pairs?

As we all know, Yeezy is the most over hyped pair. For me, the most underrated pair would be the Titolo x atmos x PUMA Disc Blaze collab.

How can you describe your collection? What among them are your holiest of grails?

As of now, my collection is basically a mix of GRs, samples and a few limited pairs. I rock ‘em all except for one particular pair, my Puma Clyde signed personally by Jeff Staple. Here’s my top 5. 1 being my holy grail.

5) Reebok Kendrick Lamar sample


4) Nike x Acronym Vapormax



3) Nike x Off-White Air Force 1



2) Nike x Off-White Air Jordan 1 V2



1) Nike AM 97/1 Sean Wotherspoon


What does #shoephoric mean to you?

#shoephoric is a community to share your OOTD and KOTD.

Shout out!

Mad love to shoephoric for this opportunity.

Shout out to QuickStrikeAsia, SneakerCrossover, NMLSS clothing and JP Briones the real influencer!