Luxe Love: Dennis Robles
Wednesday, January 31, 2018

"Live it up, own the shoes!"

Shoe collectors are passionate beings. They stop at nothing with their shoe goals and that behavior also reflects in their lifestyle. Meet a man who chooses to live the high life through his passion. From his Hermes bags to his jaw-dropping shoe collection, he exemplifies the love for luxury like no other. Meet Dennis Robles aka @authentecite. 

What got you started in this hobby of collecting high-end footwear?

As the Founder of Authentecite Manila, I specialize in luxury bags particularly Hermès Birkin and Kelly and like any business, it’s important to always look your best from head to toe. Beyond bags, shoes are without exemption the most important statement accessories to invest on. I also have a special love towards quality footwear ever since.  

What would be your shoephoric weakness?

Definitely white shoes! White pairs are a must have in any closet. They’re classy and easy to dress around with. It gives you a sophisticated yet stylish edge without being so loud or rigid. 

White shoes also give you a chance to be more daring with your choices. Shoes that I never thought I would appreciate suddenly caught my attention. Like my Comme De Garcons slashed sneakers. They literally have holes across its uppers that expose your feet. In a different color they would look hideous. Thanks to its pristine shade, I receive a lot of great compliments whenever I wear them.

There are many times I try to veer away from white by finding different colorways of a particular pair, but I still end up with them. After all, why argue with what the heart desires? I’m not all about brands, as many may think. I also have GR pairs that are as shoephoric worthy to me as my designer shoes. I have subconsciously made a white sneaker collection! I didn’t realize how much I had until this interview. 

We understand that you travel a lot for shoes, what is that one sentimental pair for you?

Trips are never complete without a new pair of shoes! My most memorable purchase would be my Gucci “Icon”. I got this pair about 12 years ago when I was traveling. It was my first luxury pair. During this time it was a special treat to mark my growing career. I still use them regularly and the quality is still amazing. I adore them so much that I eventually got a matching belt bag, so if I can’t wear my Icon shoes I wear the bag! I wear the bag to the gym. So it’s worn out with huge dents on its buckle. On a sentimental note, my Gucci Icon reminds me how far I’ve gone. As the saying goes “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.” 

What shoe reflects your current style the most?

I seem to go with my Balenciaga Speed Trainers a lot lately. I love them so much that I got the Logo Mania version as my back up pair. They’re becoming my go-to sneakers. They’re incredibly comfortable; it feels like you’re wearing a pair of socks with clouds as the soles.

Right now, my style is luxe streetwear in neutral colors. I go for the edgy sleek look. The Speed trainers offer exactly that. Its mini prints add texture. I usually grab these B’s to make my SHOUTFIT a bit more fun.  

Can you share with us a particular story that can say how shoephoric you are?

Maybe it's me going the distance to find a particular pair I want. I am the person who stops at nothing especially when it's a shoe I truly desire. It happens all the time!

Who is your style inspo?

I love fashion, interior design, everything and anything to do with the arts. And I guess my style reflects that. 

There’s no particular person that I look up to as my style inspo, it’s more from a collective experience that evolves over time. I’m fortunate that my lifestyle demands a lot of travel and going out with friends. I would say my personal style comes from this. Seeing different places, cultures and meeting different people do leave a mark on you. I guess when you change on a personal level your style resonates with it as well.

Name your Top 5.

Balenciaga Speed Logo Mania - I’m that kind of person who believes that your style, particularly your shoes reflect who you are. And the Speed Logo Mania is very “me” at the moment. I like how playful and practical they are. I can grab and go and it hasn’t let me down. There’s going to be a lot of fashion moments with my B’s.

Balenciaga Triple S Trainer - The weight can be intimidating at first, but when you put them on they’re actually very comfortable. This is a dream pair unlocked. I searched high and low for them and when I finally saw them, it was the last pair available! I was in shoe heaven for the rest of the day.

Kanye West x Louis Vuitton “Jasper” - This was actually a risk for me. I was a bit hesitant at first cause I’m not a huge fan of bright colored shoes. I would have never thought they’ll be part of my Top 5. It’s my wild card when I want a pop of color. 

Louboutin “Freddie” Spikes - Trust these dangerously red sole babies to spike up any outfit. No pun intended. They’re classic must-haves. It’s a very romantic 40’s brogue style pair with a modern twist. It encapsulates everything Christian Louboutin is known for – majestic, retro and down-right sexy.

Tom Ford “William” Loafers - I’m so selective when and where I’ll wear my Tom Ford loafers. It has to be indoor and ideally carpeted. It’s my most precious pair! Its royal blue velveteen upper and fine embroidery is impeccable. When I do wear them I make sure it’s going to be a slaying SHOUTFIT.

Name your dream pair.

Vetements X Reebok Sock Boots. I just have to have them!
(Dennis just recently made his shoe dream come true after this interview.

Image from highsnobiety

Can you share with us what you've learned from collecting?

Always follow your heart. If you like it, you will be happy to own it no matter what others say. Always do you. 

Shoutouts to your fellow shoephorics...

Enjoy life! Grab all your dream shoes. Don’t keep them, have fun wearing them!