In Waffles We Trust: Waffle District PH
Wednesday, 20, December 2017

Here at shoephoric, we recognize heart over hype. We hold in high regard those who are consistent in what they do and what they love.

In this case, it's all about the waffle soles.

Trends come and go but it's the friendship that fuels everything. Without it, a community becomes irrelevant and without purpose. Imagine our delight in finding Waffle District PH, a tight-knit group dedicated to a brand that's been in existence since 1966.

With an overwhelming number of members under its freshly baked vulcanized soles, things are definitely looking up for this group of individuals who mix up shoe love and the concept of friendship and creativity into one box of rip-roaring fun! Read on... 

First of all, how did Waffle District PH come about? Can you share with us the names behind Waffle District PH?

Well, Waffle District PH came about when people with the love of Vans began to constellate. It was all about buying and selling grails or even GRs and sharing knowledge about the pairs. It also included stuff like legit checks, identifying the models or simply sharing their beloved pairs and outfits.

The lineup includes, of course, the creator, Bert Punzalan from San Pedro Laguna. Pioneer admins Jaydee Lordege, Peeboy Bryan Corral, Patrick Plata, Joel Atienza, Sei Sei, John Mel Antiquioa, Paul Bien Cortez, Ulysses Caturan and new admins and moderators. The family is growing! 

Why the Vans obsession? Can you share with us how you got into the brand and what propelled you to start a community?

Why Vans? It all started when I used to skate way back in 2008. I saw a lot of people patronizing Vans even those who don't skate. The brand Vans isn't only for this kind of sport, cause it has been widely used even just for fashion (cause yeah it's really fashionable!) and also bands and musicians here in the Philippines, they really do rock their pairs. This has been our purpose in starting this community: To create a group wherein we all share the same interest, to actually gather them.

That propelled me to do so. And they didn't let me down, and now, we're the largest Vans community in the Philippines.

Your group is pretty huge, how do you manage the goings on within the group?

Yeah, first of all, Thank you to all the members of our group!

We manage our group by spreading the workload to our admins and moderators. For example, admins have a designated position in an internal structure that we developed.

There are also the marketing administrators to keep the group flowing and interact outside the group, they are Patrick Plata, Jhosen Ann Aragon, Chris Virgil (Marketing Heads) Jaydee Lordedge, Ulysses Caturan and Peeboy Bryan Corral (Publicity Heads). Admins who are assigned to control the issues and commotions, and administer discussions and questions inside the group.

Can you share with us the top 5 pairs in your collection? Do exceed if you want!

FOG, CDG, SUPREME, CIVILISTS  and various Vault releases. 

It's refreshing to see a group away from the usual brands. I mean Vans has always been there but it's only now that it garnered this much attention. Can you share your take on this?

Yes, it's true. It's really good to see that Vans has garnered this much attention unlike before. And we are so glad that our group, or rather I should say, our family has been one of the channels that made this possible for this brand to boom. Because we know that it's not just us who works for this brand to have this kind of attention, there are the well-known bands who use this, an example would be Franco who's one of the brand ambassadors. And so much more.

What Vans would you rock for Christmas?

FOG x Vans

What pair makes you truly shoephoric? Your holy grails?

The sneaker culture and our passion towards it make us shoephoric. Our grail is our trophy as one of the biggest Vans communities in the Philippines. 

How do you get your hands on your most desired pairs? 

From different friends from various places who happen to have exclusive access AKA The Plugs. 

Define shoephoric...

shoephoric – Intense happiness that we feel when we wear and own the sneakers that we dream about.

Shout Outs!

We would like to thank especially the admins and our members. For the warm support of our group. To our tie-up brands Sic Clothing, Off High Clothing, Gino Lorenzo and Mhiko David of CAERUS clothing, Ann Ogalesco of LUBID, Alfred Shoenobi, Wadie Go Allan Catu, Tenz Lagman, TEAM ANIMAL, Ryle Justin Uy, and Jeg Nealaga.

Peeboy Corral as sharpshooters, Peevee Corral-Dela Rosa, Kenneth Dela Rosa

Peejay Corral as pictorial support, Ms.Hata Santos, Juan Watawat Co., Drone Clothing, We Drool Clothing Co., Our Daily Dose, Magnus Clothing, ABG Clothing, Sneaks & Snacks, Kleen Kicks, I.E.D Custom, RabAbovetheAnkle, Thank guys, we're looking forward to our next project. Cheers!!

Facebook Group: Waffle District Ph

Instagram: @waffledistrictph