#IAMSHOEPHORIC Top 20 Finalist
Wednesday, 18, October 2017


Every #IAMSHOEPHORIC entry has a story behind it. Each of them with their trademark visual impact and individual charm. Get to know more about our Top 20 Finalists! 


“Sink or Swim”
Chris Corpuz  | @eMosIck
Nike SB Zoom Paul Rodriguez 4

The shot was taken during Nick Automatic Manila Invasion at B-Side, Makati. Chicosci's performance gave a party like atmosphere and when Miggy started stage diving, I knew I had to capture the experience.

#IAMSHOEPHORIC is more than shoes. It's a lifestyle, a statement that defines who you are.


“Code Steel”
Vianca Medalla | @viamedalla
adidas NMD "Teal"

As a foreigner living in a bustling city like Singapore where it's more work and less play, I look forward to weekends to chill out with friends who share the same passion as I do; love for photography and love for shoes. I would normally explore the cityscapes with my camera and my shoe pick for the day trying to look for those interesting corners, streets or fancy walls and aim for a couple of pictures.

I took the shot when I saw the great lighting at the airport walkalator and I knew at that moment it was an excellent fit for the perfect shoephoric photo.

#IAMSHOEPHORIC because my love for shoes has taken me to different places to explore new things with confidence and it taught me to step out of my comfort zone, be adventurous, spontaneous and to be free-spirited. There's just something about shoes regardless of the brand whether it’s hyped or not that gives a comforting feel and that makes me ecstatic. It's the kind of simple joy in life that is irreplaceable.


“Shoephoric Army”
Mel Corpuz Rueco | @melchrue360    
ASICS Gel Lyte III x Ronnie Fieg "Mossad"

When I took the shot, I was thinking of a person in a room contemplating by himself. The light gave it a more dramatic look.

#IAMSHOEPHORIC is all about family and passion. I relate it to a song or music which linked us together.


"Start 'Em Young..."
Dante Evangelista Jr. | @iambongsky
Air Jordan 1 Mid "Georgetown"

It was my son's 1st Air Jordan, he personally chose the colorway then I ordered them online through one of my friend's sneaker group ads. When the kicks finally arrived, he was ecstatic! So I came up with an idea to take a cool souvenir shot of his new 1st ever AJ1 kicks, without any hesitations he agreed right away. Normally it'll take me some time and lots of bribes for just a single photo of him! Well, look at him in that photo he's so meticulously innocent and happy inside.

#IAMSHOEPHORIC for me is being bold and free and to be able to reach out and share with the community.


"Of Mists and Clouds"
Tristan Tamayo | @tamayotristan
adidas Ultra Boost

I came up with the concept of this shot while my friend and I were hanging around. He was smoking his vape and that’s when it came to me to use its smoke as a background for the shoe. I post processed the smoke on the back to add contrast.

#IAMSHEPHORIC means being you and wearing the pair that best describes your personality of who you are and what you do. Your shoe is the extension of your soul.


Mark Emmanuel Marasigan | @markydoki
adidas Iniki Boost Runner

I took this photo during my vacation with my fiancé. We visited the city of love in Tblisi, Georgia and while walking around the city I saw this beautiful flower bush. I called my fiancé and told her to go over them so I can take some photos of her shoe. Then to my surprise, she did it, she literally jumped over the flowers and on it even if there was a warning signboard. She can be really crazy, but I love her.

#IAMSHOEPORIC for me is like a sickness that you can't heal because you are crazy buying shoes and you just can’t stop.


"Old Love"
Jon Lupague | @buchokoy
Air Jordan 1 Bred/DMP 09'

I was doing my baby's photoshoot one weekend so I thought why not take a shot for my "Old Love" pair. I wasn't actually flying or jumping in the picture, I was lying on the ground with both feet pointing up! Just a little rotate and enhancement in photoshop and voilà.. here goes my entry!

Simplicity and uniqueness define #IAMSHOEPHORIC for me. I have always been a fan of #SHOEPHORIC's Pick Of The Week and Pick Of The Month and admired the choices. It depicts simplicity where the kicks don’t have to be hype nor heat pairs, neither have to be grails; creativity is what makes the shot a winner.


“Duck Hunting”
John Delano Santos | @typejuan_11
Air Max 90 x Atmos "Duck Camo"

Off Road. Jungle. Mud. Duck Camo. Perfect.

#IAMSHOEPHORIC for me is pushing the envelope of sneaker photography. 


Mac Manalo | @macmanalo
PUMA Blaze of Glory x Staple

We all know that celebrities are head turners cause of the fame. That's the concept I had in mind when we had this picture taken. The story is simple, with all the bright lights shining, camera flashing all over, it only means one thing... a celebrity making its way to stardom and you can’t help but take a look. Hence the title "Shoelebrity".

Shout out to Johnd Santos for helping me with the shot.  

#IAMSHOEPHORIC for me is honestly not just all about shoes. Well, of course, shoes/sneakers were a bridge for all of us to share what we have, and what we rock. Whether they're general releases, collabs, or even the limited ones, we proudly share it to everyone. But beyond that, networks, connections, and friendships were built because of the love and passion we have for shoes. For me, that's the best part of being SHOEPHORIC.


“Air Time”
Shawn Margaret D. Cayas| @shawncayas 
Nike Air Max 90 OG "Infrared"

Light. Timeless. Unique.

I wanted to highlight all three things by suspending this revolutionary pair of sneakers in mid-air. The top level of a multi-level parking lot served as a perfect venue for this shot where the lighting was balanced at around one in the afternoon. The plain black shirt worn by my model ensured that the unique design would pop out and a faster shutter speed helped me capture the Air Max 90 as it was launched in the air.

As the Air Max 90 hovered in the air, I thought it would be best to name the photo "Air Time". This was derived from the phrase "hang time" which refers to how long a (self-) launched object stays in the air. At the same time, I wanted to pay tribute to the Air Max technology which makes the shoes lightweight without sacrificing the performance of the end user. 

The process of making sneakers is like painting on a blank canvas. It begins with a vision. For this vision to come alive, the creative process starts with the conceptualization of the design. The final sketch serves as a guide while the right materials are stamped and stitched together to create a one of a kind sneakers.

Therefore, #IAMSHOEPHORIC is a community who not only appreciates the beauty of a pair of sneakers but also values the creative process that goes into the creation of one.  Like the members of this diverse community, I wear my sneakers not just as a footwear but as a work of art to be appreciated.


“I AM PINOY... Kapit lang!”
Dennis Dionisio | @dsd_sole
Nike Air Force 1 "Insideout Priority"

It was a struggle in the beginning to choose which shoes I'm going to wear for my entry. It had to be the best, and the pair that I love the most. After choosing Air Force 1 Rizal, I wanted to shoot something that will give justice to the shoes and at the same time will represent me as a Filipino. This shot symbolizes my struggle and hard work to be where I am right now. But I am not stopping, I will continue to hold on and strive to be the best in everything that I do; for my family and for my country.

#IAMSHOEPHORIC for me means wearing something that fits your personality, being different and being humble.


Kiwii John Genesis | @ kiwi.poto
Y-3 Pure Boost ZG Knit

I was having a fun shoot when I suddenly remembered the shoephoric contest and thought it would be a great time to create an entry. I was thirsty and I had a Supreme flask on hand, that’s when it came to mind. I told my girlfriend to shoot my shoes while I poured water. I did the camera setup and framing then used Lightroom to adjust the contrasts and highlights.

#iamshoephoric a sneaker enthusiast.


“Flaming Hot Gucci”
Rainier Philippe R. Crescini | @rainierrrrrr
Gucci Ace "Flames"

The process of this shoot was very challenging because you really need good timing with the smoke. It was a lot of hard work and sweat but it's all worth it… So let me tell you the background story of this photo. I was out with my friends for a photo shoot, and when I saw that two friends Morris and Kim happen to have a vape while the other had his Gucci Ace Flames, I thought of putting some smoke behind the shoe cause it’ll be a great concept to match the shoe. After many tries and a whole lot of effort we successfully made this shot. I’m so happy with the outcome.

#IAMSHOEPHORIC is a hashtag that I can use whenever I capture my sneakers or my friend's sneakers. It represents the passion and effort I have when I shoot. I really enjoy street photography, and every time I receive great feedback from people who admire my work it adds to my drive to get the perfect shot.

This kind of hashtag is not just a random hashtag that you see on social media, it’s a community where you can meet a lot of sneakerheads and photographers, and experience their views of the urban scene. 


"Dunk Them Oreos"
Will Manas | @WILSTA
Air Jordan 4 "Oreo"

I had to use bust shots to get this exact shot for the splash. But even so, it took me several attempts to get what I wanted. I particularly like splash shots, cause it’s a more unique take for on feet shots. To add my own twist, I did a few adjustments using Lightroom.

#IAMSHOEPHORIC is all about the love for sneakers and how they make me happy. I love the look and the history and story behind each design.


Orange is the New Black"
Dexter Suerte Alimagno | @dhexter_suerte
Nike SB Dunk Low "Orange Box"

It was a Sunday morning and told my friends that longboard ride and a fun shoot would be awesome. The funny part is that we sneak inside this newly built car park and walk above the roof for nice ambient lighting for videography. While I sat down for a quick rest, I saw this curve and told my friend "Hey, this will be a nice a perspective for a photo shoot". We took some photos and found the lighting really nice that it can be a "NO FILTER NEEDED" kind of photo.

#IAMSHOEPHORIC for me is being "Ambiguous as YOU" (it might be artistic, stunt or visuals) cos' after all it's your way of contributing your passion within the fast-growing community of SHOEPHORIC. 


“Handful because #IAMSHOEPHORIC”
Van Harold Victorino | @views_from_van
Air Jordan 1 "Bred"

When I saw the ads for the contest during the launch, this was the first concept I had in mind.  The following day, I brought the pairs to the office where the view will really fit my idea.  Unfortunately, 5 pairs of size 13 Jordan 1s won't fit my hands.  Got no choice but continue with the plan, grabbed 3 pairs and clicked the shutter button.

#IAMSHOEPHORIC for me is very simple, "I LOVE SHOES." As what my entries would say, I love shoes. A certain pair I love so much that I have to get 5 pairs, isn't it love?


"Urban and Boost"
Sherwin Baclig | @bvx1020
adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged

I always go around Singapore and explore the architectural structures around the city. Been to this place a few times and I really like the patterns of its industrial storage. This place has been shot a thousand of times by photographers so I thought of a way to have a different take on it. The pattern somehow reminded me of Ultraboost sole, that’s why I decided to angle the shot in a way to mimic the structural pattern formed by the circular ramp and show how big the structure really is. This shot gave way for me to combine my two passion, which is urban photography and shoes!

For me, #IAMSHOEPHORIC means love and passion for shoes and a creative spark to keep me enjoying my photography as well. I try to combine both and so far I have been happy with what I have achieved. I hope to keep on evolving with my taste in shoes and my genre in photography.


“Whatever you do... don't... fall... asleep...”
John Delano Santos | @typejuan_11
ASICS Gel Lyte V "Kreuger" Custom

My wife and I have always been a horror junkie. When my Kruger custom came about, we couldn't resist but do themed shoots on it. Thus came about.

#IAMSHOEPHORIC for me is pushing the envelope of sneaker photography. 


"OG on Court"
Tristan Tamayo | @tamayotristan
Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" 2013

I've always been a fan of basketball since I was little. We all know that basketball shoes have evolved to lighter and more comfortable fits these days. So when my friend Thirdy Ravena wore this sick pair in an actual game - no questions - just take a photo.

#IAMSHEPHORIC means being you and wearing the pair that best describes your personality of who you are and what you do. Your shoe is the extension of your soul.


“Shoes are meant to be your life buddies. So wear them out until they are worn-out.”
Jeremie C. Mesiano | @jeremiecm
Nike Court Tennis Classic

This shot came from the idea of how shoes should be labeled as our partner. This pair is not mine. They are owned by a construction worker who walks his way to their site every day, to make ends meet. That day when I met this person, I knew I shouldn’t be looking at what he was wearing. But something made me have a quick glance to his feet. He was wearing Nike shoes. The pair was grubby yet still appealing, out of fashion yet striking, and old yet worn as if it was just freshly removed out of its box. A striking thought immediately came into my mind: how long have I been defining the ‘art’ of having shoes wrong?

Most of us see shoes as admirable only when they are new, in the trend, and of brand. Shoes are not only as good as they are known and new—instead, they exist even after the date of their relevance, they are made to live with us for as long as they could carry our weight.

The pair of shoes were photographed to break the common thinking that shoes are only for the eyes. Every drag on the heel, scar on the sole, crease on the skin, and dirt on the color of our shoes tell a story which may define us. In this story, in this photo, a person who shows great love for his ‘partner’ in his daily journey to work. A pair of old and dusty shoes that might open a new way for us to see our ‘partner’ with fresh eyes.

 “I AM SHOEPHORIC” is a statement that tells who you are as a sneaker enthusiast. Despite my common take on the phrase, the unexpected encounter with the owner of the shoes I took a photo of, gave me an idea of how I should be reading the phrase. I AM SHOEPHORIC means having your own way of showing how you value the items you are fond of. I am a SHOEPHORIC knowing shoes are meant to be ‘life buddies’. I see them beyond the years of their trend. I value them more than its price and I appreciate them more than an accessory of style.

Being SHOEPHORIC varies from an individual to another. There’s no right or wrong. For as long as you value your shoes and consider them as more than what the world defines them, you are a SHOEPHORIC.

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