Quickstrike Asia: Hype Redefined
Tuesday, 26, September 2017

Conventional is out the gate. We’re in a decade that demands to live life in the now. No reservations, no judgment. The only rule is to express yourself with conviction and be proud of it.

Across the borders, we met with a group that holds a healthy number of similarities with shoephoric. From what started as a small group of professional urbanites who found a commonality with limited edition kicks… is now an intensely fast-growing community.

Their energy and camaraderie are unparalleled to anyone we’ve ever met. And just like us, they get ecstatic with shoes resulting in an awesome kind of bond. We are beyond proud to have them as shoephorics.

Ladies and gents, meet the core group of Quickstrike Asia!

What's Quickstrike Asia and how did you guys come about?

QSA is a product of after-work musings of 3 Filipinos and their Singaporean friend who was just looking for an outlet, to express their passions outside the daily grind. Odick, a sales manager for a skin care company, gathered his closest friends - Del, an IT manager,  Dewie, a compliance manager, and Jasmine, a marketing executive. The two gentlemen are passionate about sneakers, and the 2 ladies just love to write about anything and anyplace.

The initial idea is just to create a simple blog where we can share stories of sneakers such as the classics, the new releases and feature some interesting sneakerheads. Thus, the tagline, Quickstrike Asia: Sneakers & Stories of the Men and Women who wear them. 

Who's on the team?

When you're doing something you love, it's very likely that people who love the same things you do -- will gravitate towards you. From an initial team of 4, our QSA core group has expanded to 15 individuals who are equally passionate about sneakers and bring their own individual talents to the table. We have photographers, videographers, graphic artists, PR, copywriters, events, retail managers, even finance -- all competent in their respective fields and generous of their time and talents.  

Nina/Jasmine/ Dewie/Mel -  wordsmiths & tech support

Nadj/Joseph/Jodjo/Bry - our imagination movers (photographers & videographers)

Chet/ Odick/ JP - project coordinators

Ron/ Dexter / Del - external communication support

What's your ultimate dream for Quickstrike Asia?

As our name suggests, QSA wants to multiply the same passion and energy that we have to all our friends and fans in different countries in Asia. Cliché as it may sound, we want to spread the love. If you love the same thing that we do -- sneakers, streetwear, photography, videography, storytelling and collaborating with people, to create something special.  You can be a part of Quickstrike Asia.  

We are proud to say, Philippines have already responded.  They have an active growing at Quickstrike Asia Manila.  They're fantastic at what they do and have the pulse of the sneaker market in the country.    

For you guys what is the most memorable event that you've ever attended?

Barely a year since our inception, and even with everyone working full-time in Singapore, QSA has managed to join the biggest Sneaker Convention in Singapore (Sole Superior), Manila (Manila SNeaker Expo), Jakarta (Solefest) and Hong Kong (Sneakercon HK).  These events gave us the fresh perspectives of the sneaker scene in the region. They are great sources of beautiful sneaker stories we can share with our fans.

How do you go about special releases? Do you make it a priority to have everyone from your team to own a pair?

Although QSA covers the major releases of sneakers, it is not a requisite for our teammates nor do we judge our members, for not owning a special pair. Many of our teammates own some of the most sought after kicks. But we also have members whose claim to a sneaker is a pair of runners. A shoe is a shoe.  But what makes a QSA member standout is the passion of what he/she can bring to the table.

However, if any of our members desire a special pair, we will move heaven and hell to help him/her acquire his heart's desire. 

How would you compare the SG scene to the scene in the PH?

Singapore sneaker scene can create a lot of hype and noise for new releases, especially since Singapore is a regional hub, and it's so easy for people from all over Southeast Asia to come here and make a purchase. However, if without any new buzz, from the big companies, the sneaker scene will be laid-back. Sneaker communities, mostly Filipinos help create the buzz, with all the trading and dealing happening online. As of today, we noticed that the community of sneaker fans is evolving and growing, all thanks to the current fashion trend that encouraged more people to buy and collect sneakers.

Philippine’s sneaker scene has been highly inspired by our love for basketball, safe to say that many sneakerheads are also basketball enthusiasts. Without a doubt, it’s easier to get to know a real OG collector in Manila compared here. There are hardcore OG’s in the scene dawning from SB to Jordan era. We salute these OGs for sticking to the game despite the unexpected changes due to trend. However, in terms of growth of the sneaker community, Singapore’s growth seems to be faster due to consumers’ accessibility to brands’ new releases. Furthermore, consumers’ in Singapore tend to be more fashion-forward, daring and willing to explore upcoming brands or releases resulting more expansion to sneaker & streetwear scene. But with more trend-driven local brands and multi-label stores opening in Manila, we definitely can foresee unpredicted bang! 

Your Grails 

Most of our members are legit sneaker-enthusiasts, Despite the diverse collection of shoes each one of us has, we still have yet to cop our Holy Grail,

  1. Nina DS - Chanel CC Logo Trainer
  2. Joseph Edward  - Nike Foamposites Reverse Tian Jin
  3. Ron - Nike Air Jordan III Black Cement 88
  4. Bryan - Nike Air Jordan I ‘Chicago’ worn by GOAT
  5. Badjodjo - Nike Air Jordan XIII ‘Dirty Bred’
  6. Dewie - Christian Louboutin ‘New Very Prive’
  7. Mel - Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Pigeon
  8. Dexter - Nike Dunk High Premium ‘Deftones’
  9. Odick - Nike  Mag
  10. John Paul - Colette x LaMJC x Asics Gel Lyte III ‘Soldout”
  11. Franchette - Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte III “Flamingo”
  12. Naj - Nike Air Jordan I ‘Fragment’
  13. Del - Nike Air Jordan V “Oregon ducks”
  14. Jasmine - Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Pink/Mica Blue/White

Most shoephoric moment.

When the team had the chance to meet influential people in the scene such as Jeff Staple and Ray Allen. Of course, we still wish to meet more famous persona in the game in the coming future to keep our shoephoric moment. 

All of you have been really supportive in shoephoric. What do you guys like most about our community?

Thank you Shoephoric for lending us space in your esteemed online community. We highly respect the people and the team behind Shoephoric for their welcoming attitude and inclusiveness to all sneaker fans and communities. We hope that we can continue to have this beautiful relationship, which rests on our common love for sneakers and the people behind them.

QSA Manila represented by Archie, Bogs, Kester & Cheibai

Shout Outs!

Shoutout to all our Quickstrike Asia friends and fans in Singapore, Manila, Jakarta and Hong Kong!   

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Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/pg/quickstrikeasia/community

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