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Wednesday, 16, August 2017

We go beyond boundaries.

We willingly leave our shores to embrace and connect fellow shoephorics from all over the world.

For this month, we zoomed in on our long time colleague from South America. Despite language barriers and the obvious distance, this multifaceted individual sees shoephoric as his home ground. Just goes to show that his love for shoes is a universal kind of love.

Let's dive into his take on the culture - an interesting perspective where stereotypes are obscured.

Let us share his story where diversity gives the sneaker scene its much needed kaleidoscope. Take a peek!

Ladies and Gents, meet Nicola Robbiano and his shoephoric team from Santiago, Chile!

First of all, Thank You for reaching out to us! They say you can tell a lot about a person by the type of shoes they love. Do share with us your all time fave.


Nicola Colomer Robbiano


Favorite shoe: Atmos x Nike Air Max 1 "Safari" 2003

This collab pair is my all time favorite. It’s also the oldest pair I have among my collection with Air Sole units. It’s very unique! The quality of its materials, its construction, down to its design, defines the history that exists between the pairs from before to those of today.

This iconic pair shows how different the print texture is from the 2016 model. It's leather and the execution of the Nike branding says it all.

During Nike’s Golden Era, the shape and designs were marvelous. Take this 2003 Safari for example, its sharp edged toe box is what I like most about it. And the little Swoosh on its edge – mágico!

I instantly fell in love with this pair when I first saw them, and it took me 14 years to get my hands on this pair!

Alan Lopez Mendez


Favorite shoe: Nike Air Max 1 x ATMOS "Elephant"

In my opinion, the Elephant is one of the best colorway of AM 1. It was love at first sight. And now that they’re part of my collection, I can say they’re still my favorites.

Madelaine Fernandini Muñoz


Favorite shoe: Melody Ehsani x Reebok Classic Pump Omni Lite “Love Me or Leave Me Alone”

This sneaker means a lot to me. It was a Valentine gift from my husband when we were newlyweds back in 2014. I adore its design because it has a lot of flashy ornaments, like gold plaques and pad locks. In addition, it’s also the first Reebok Classic that a woman collaborated on. The designer, Melody Ehsani is a world renowned jeweler.

The moment I slipped on this pair, I was enchanted. Thanks to my husband (Nicolás Robbiano) for making me shoephoric!

Alejandra Millar Núñez 


Favorite shoe: Nike Air Max 1 OG '87

In my child hood, it was impossible for me to have a pair of Nike… but when I first saw the Air Max 1 silhouette I knew I needed it in my life. It’s this model that got me into the sneaker game.

What do you enjoy most in being part of shoephoric?

We found out about shoephoric from my colleague Jon Tombe aka @jontimbre!

We find shoephoric quite complete! It’s an open community that shares information on shoes including photos, its history, and their releases. shoephoric also shares interesting stories of different people.  

What makes an excellent shoe for you?

Quite simple, first a great combination of colors, if it’s a collaboration release it’s added value for me, second would be the quality of the materials, and lastly the designs and craftsmanship.

Name your Top 5

Nike Air Icarus Extra OG 1992


Atmos x Nike Air Max 1 "Safari" 2003


Woei x ASICS GEL LYTE III "Cervidae"


ASICS Gel LYTE III Solstice & Wild Cat X hanon

Photo credits: @airmax1189


Nike Air Pantheon OG

Photo credits: @iam.ran06

How’s the sneaker culture in South America?

In my opinion, the sneaker culture in South America is quite small. But more and more people are being attracted to the sneaker lifestyle. The good news is that big brands are recognizing this as well, so as time goes by they gradually bring in more diverse silhouettes and some collectibles such as re-issues and classics. 

Not so long ago, we couldn’t imagine that they’ll ever reach here. But now as we speak, the sneaker scene in South America is growing fast!

As far as you know, who are the biggest sneaker influencers in South America?

This is a very difficult question. I believe that there are many sneaker influencers with different kinds of collections. I apologize, but I can’t really say who the biggest would be. They’re all great in their own ways.

But if I were to name a good friend who inspires me personally it would be a colleague from my neighboring country: ARGENTINA.

ARIEL MORINO, @andomeier has a beautiful collection of collabs and OG pairs! 

Name sneakers that are exclusive to South America or pairs that can only be found there?

So far there are no exclusive pairs here since the sneaker game is still growing. But there are releases that were inspired from South America, particularly with the football culture here. Such as the Ronnie Fieg X ASICS GT-II Kith Football Equipment “Brazil” and some models from adidas that was exclusively released for the world championship a few years ago. 

What does it mean to be shoephoric?

shoephoric literally means shoes that express "euphoria".

Distinct footwear that fills us with euphoria and joy. Every one of us feels this happiness in different ways.

shoephoric is a community of "shoe -crazy people or shoe lovers " who are passionate on quality pairs.  We all share our own level of interests through pictures of what we own or dream to have... not only our performance pairs but also our stylish sneakers!

What is your message to global Shoephorics?

My message is to bid goodbye to discrimination.

One must value and appreciate people for who they are and how they share whatever little they have with others.

Respect and help a shoe collector for all he owns and for his passion for shoes.  Helping others will make us happy as our community continuously grows.

Shout Out!


shoephoric for which I live forever!



Hail to shoes!!! Hail to the movement and sneaker culture!



Long live footwear! Forever!