Thrice The Power: Jed Oblenida
Tuesday, 18, July 2017

Shoes and streetwear are inseparable. Your SHOUTFIT won't be as lit and complete without having them complement each other. A well applauded SHOUTFIT cannot exist without either of the two like Kanye West and his extensive wordplay.

A few weeks ago, we got to know a team of millennials deep into this subculture. They’ve created a brand that’s been making waves in the local streetwear scene... and we are sure you've seen or have even donned GOONS! This brand aims to blur the lines between the trends and their fresh brewing ideas. It exudes absolute confidence that draws you to stand out with them.

And there’s more to it… From GOONS come two more that represent streetwear on a global landscape, the all new Yohji Gallery and a partnership with the famed Three Stripe Vibes!

Without further ado, meet Jed Oblenida the founder of GOONS and Yohji Gallery, and the creative collaborator of Three Stripe Vibes.

GOONS has been growing real fast in a short span of time. Tell us more about it. 

I think GOONS grew that big because we are more than willing to share what we have, what we've learned and what we still continue learning. Every time someone I know, whether it’s an individual, a group or an organization, asks for help in sponsorships, as long as I can provide I always say yes.

Mainly, I am the goon behind "GOONS". When I was young they always expect me to fail and they see me as the 'black sheep' of the family because I was very clever and I really don't follow instructions. I like to create my own and stand out. So I created this brand for other people, to speak their minds too. Our designs have meanings embedded in them. If you take the time to read our release posts, for example, the glow in the dark is kind of a "more than meets the eye thing". It glows in the dark when nobody is around. Just like me, when nobody was available I thrived on my own and went out of the dark to carve my own path. They might all see me as the happy go lucky Jed, but it wasn't always bright lights and night life before this.

Can you give us a hint on your upcoming collection for GOONS?

Something that you have never seen before. We focused so much on the design and quality because a lot of people are starting to introduce their brands and want to be ahead in terms of these important details. I'm a very vocal person so expect a lot of emotions from our next release. Don't just prepare for your wallets instead, be prepare to be moved.

How did you come about with collaborating with the Three Stripes Vibes? 

Basically, I am just posting pictures of my favorite adidas pairs and then one day @threestripevibes_ took notice of it. They featured me constantly then I found that the founder of Three Stripes Vibes, Jeraud Matheson Tan was also a Filipino and thought of sharing visions with him. I reached out to him through Direct Message and thought about a collaboration. Since then, we started working together on creating adidas pictures.

You're really into adidas, can you give us your take on the following:

Best upcoming adidas - I think the next Y-3 drop will be this year's bomb. Including that future craft! That will really turn a lot of heads.

Most underrated - For me, it’s the Adi Campus. I like the silhouette of the pair it's very neutral, a GR, but you can stunt it with any get up you want.

Hottest collab - In my own perspective, the hottest collab would be the adidas NMD x Bape. It's a major bridge that links Boost shoes and the streetwear community. When boost was introduced, it was definitely for running now it's more like for stunting.

For a group deep in the local streetwear, can you tell us how it has changed over time and where you see it’s moving towards?

As an owner of a clothing line, trends last shorter now. The birth and death of pastel colors are imminent neon colors are in now such as Safety Orange, Safety green. For my personal point of view, streetwear is growing here in the Philippines but, it has its own positives and negatives. 

Let's start off with the positive, it's good that it's big for the world to notice however in a way (here comes the nega haha) sometimes we're remembered as the capital of bootlegs. Younger generations engage into fake streetwear. I have nothing against anyone buying fakes honestly but if they were to bash those who wear legitimate clothing because they buy it for a ridiculous amount and compare about them being practical, that's another thing. For me in the long run streetwear will be abused and few will remain true to the game.

Many of our shoephorics from different countries say that the trends are generally the same everywhere. For the Filipino streetwear scene and sneaker culture, would you say it’s also this way or does it have it own unique vibe to it?

Well first of all in some way that's true, but not in all ways. Consider our weather; it's very different from the others. Others have cold climate they can do layering anytime which kinda' makes me jealous. Haha! But seriously, in the Philippines, the trend here is about putting yzy and a cool shirt that says a cool "anti" brand name, but the true heads create their own trend. The best trend I like is the throwback streetwear, streetwear takes you back to the 90's just like what Gosha x Fila and What the off white baggy pants did. It's so fun to engage in this community. 

Fill in the blanks:

Hypebeast is ____.

Hypebeast is not a compliment. It's a label that states, you only have money but zero knowledge.

Society rejects are ____.

Society rejects are people that society disemboweled. They thought they can't do better because the odds were stacked up against them but we're here to prove them wrong.

Standout or ____.

Standout or stay the same, choose wisely you can ride the hype and play it safe or you can create and carve your own way it won't be easy but it's satisfying as hell.

Haters can ____.

Haters can bring you down if you let them, but always remember when someone tries to bring you down it's because you're already above them. Love your haters because they're the fuel to the unending fire of perseverance. 

What’s your number one grail?

When I started in the game the Nike Flyknit trainer white or known as "Yeknit" was very hyped. It ranges from 40-50k back then if my memory didn't fail me. Copping that is very satisfying and heartwarming knowing that I started at the very bottom wearing GR's and Roshes.

Your Yohji Gallery is a sight to see for Y-3 fans. What makes Yohji Yamamoto such an inspiration for you?

Me and my team: Gabriel Lachica, Melvin Dave Jordan, Luciano Acosta created Yohji Gallery because we want people to take notice on how brilliant Yohji is. Yohji focused so much on putting his life stories into his clothing. Like the one he designed back then with the CDG owner he made sure that a story was embedded behind a particular piece, now in the sneaker industry, Yohji made a perfect fusion between high fashion and athletics.

What does it mean to be shoephoric?

It means that I made it. I started as a sneaker customizer that repaints Roshe and restores Stan Smiths and got rejected at a certain mall for offering bystanders free customizations. shoephoric means love for the culture. It's not just shoes, it's about the family, brotherhood and most of all the fun. Thank you shoephoric team! This means a lot to me as I came from nothing.

Your message to your:

To my followers - Thank you so much! I know not all of you followed me since day one I can only count on my two hands the real ones but I promise to bring more content every day. I'll be more consistent and let's push the Philippine streetwear scene to the highest level.


Fellow local brands - I love what you are doing starting up brands that are great! Let's work together and take this to the next level. Let's aim high internationally. I'm an open book. My brand too needs improvement. Well, everyone does! Let's start with not copying designs that are already out in the market and we'll have a chance to go to the distance.

Emerging brands - The future of the PH fashion is in your hands. It's up to us if we choose to introduce our culture that rip offs or a culture that's good at improvising. Since that's the Filipino mentality, let's improvise and good luck! 

Shout outs!

First of all, thank you so much to the person above! You're the real reason behind all of these. Shout out to my friends from Cable Car the Friday gang, to my parents, mom and dad I hope you could read this, I made it! To my inner circle, to my loving and supporting girlfriend Justine de Leon. To the friends I met along the way. To Matthew So for trusting me. To the Sole Slam fam thank you so much for believing. And last but not the least to the doubters who boosted me up here. And of course, to the shoephoric fam, I love you guys!


Three Stripe Vibes

Yohji Gallery

Photo credits to Melvin Dave Jordan and Gabriel Lachica.