Handcrafted Shoe Love: Yux Torre
Tuesday, 20, June 2017

Yux Torre aka @yourunikxchange is the epitome of an artist who's driven to turn her passion into a unique art form. Her love for sneakers goes beyond the actual retail therapy side. Her hands act like machines painstakingly creating every pair desired. Her creations are dead on miniatures of the hottest sneakers around. She has captivated clients not only from the Philippines but from across the globe as well. She’s on her way up and is showing no signs of slowing down!

Let’s all be witnesses to this woman’s artistry in 3... 2... 1...

What got you into paper crafts?

This all started when I got into scrapbooking. I got a bit carried away and you can say I got obsessed. At the time I think I was able to make 5 scrapbooks just for myself.

Who are your artistic influences?

@coolrainlee - He's a toymaker and one of the types of toys he makes are shoes. He makes sure that his toys are well designed and crafted—down to the minuscule details of his toys, his work is on point. It inspires me to be very meticulous with my work too. Never hurts to go the extra mile to make our craft even better, right?

Your biggest break so far?

Wu Lab approached me to create a limited VIP invitation for the premier @wu_lab_exhibition. I created 100 pairs of Wu-Tang Nike Dunk Highs. It was an exhilarating opportunity. I got a lot of validation after this project, even an international shoutout from the Heat Hoarder podcast. 

Has there been a design that you're yet to pull off? If not, what’s the most challenging pair you made? Why?

I haven't attempted to do the Yeezy 360 version 2. The hardest design that I did though is the Jordan 4 pair. Aside from having multiple layers, it also has a lot of edges that require precision. It took me about 4 days to complete my first pair.

You’ve slain really tough designs, what model would be your signature pair?

I think because it's my favorite, I'm pretty comfortable and confident with the Nike Dunk silhouette. Aside from doing more than a hundred pairs of this shoe, it's pretty much a customer favorite as well.

Top 5 shoe works.

Jordan 11 - Iconic and it's an easy favorite too.

Jordan 4 - Because it's the hardest silhouette to do. It's so challenging but also very satisfying to create.

Yeezy Solar Red - I got a lot of customers raving about this particular pair.

Air Mag Back to The Future - The details are easy to do but the materials are hard to source.

Wu-Tang Nike SB - Because to be honest, who can forget a memory like that. They even offered to fly me out to Paris just to do an exhibition! It was great collaborating with a brand like theirs.

Share with us your design and creation process.

Whenever there's a release I usually attempt to create one just to practice. I don't know how to draw so I need to see the shoes in front of me. Believe it or not, to make a pattern, I do freehand cutting. (I'm not even sure if that's a thing but I'm calling it that, lol!) I put it all together and then I ask my husband if it looks alright, if it does then yay! Haha. Note that I usually do this for fun, so when people like it, it motivates me to just keep doing what I do.


Your future dream project.

Most probably I want to do a collab or even just a fun project with a brand I like. I would never say no to a Nike or an adidas project proposal, I mean who will right? That would be a crazy opportunity! Maybe like a "mini me" exhibition of their classic shoes or something. 

What’s shoephoric for you?

shoephoric doesn't equate to needing to own a lot of pairs. Being a lover of shoes, in general, makes you shoephoric. Appreciation and spreading love for your heels and sneakers is what it's all about.

Shout outs!

Shout out to my Instagram friends like kixify, coolrainlee, bayareagotsole, empiretattsph, wu_lab_exhibition, trendeez_consulting for all the online love!

My family for all the support and for being my #1 critic as well. And of course, Team shoephoric for this opportunity. More power! 

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Instagram: @ yourunikxchange