Supremely Shoephoric: Bigboy Cheng
Monday, 24, April 2017

If minimalism is a trend then this guy is the antithesis of it all. There is no such thing as going slow for this individual. From his towering collection of exclusive sneakers that he lost count of, to his gallery-perfect collection of designer toys, paintings, and sculptures. This guy is expected to harbor an elitist attitude but for the record, he is the exact opposite. Amiable and approachable, he is the ultimate curator not only of the best pieces of pop and creative subcultures but a promoter and purveyor of the independent art scene. Upon welcoming us in his house/museum, one cannot help but be in complete amazement.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the company and the collection of BIGBOY CHENG!

How did the obsession start?

It all started out naturally because it runs in the family. We are very sports oriented. My dad is a basketball fan and my sister is a part of the RP Team. There was this specialty store in Jonel's where we got our hands on the best. Hong Kong carried the best pairs of Converse, Cortez, and Jabbar to name a few. Fun times.

My sister was the first to get hyped on all this and was the one who influenced me big time, I used to wear her pairs even if they were way bigger than my actual shoe size. 

What came first with your obsession?  Was it the toys or the shoes?

Definitely toys came first. I remember my dad coming home with toys, robots, G.I. Joes to He -Man figures. As I grew up, I eventually gravitated towards sneakers, music, and fashion.

It's a happy era now, with everything surrounding us. The toys, the shoes, the musicians. It's all cool now and shows no signs of slowing down.

Everyone on their end is leveling up. We are almost at par with Japan. In campouts there, we Filipinos are so all over the place, resourceful and all. 

What was the first ever shoe that set it off for you?

I went crazy for the Nike Air Pressures. I asked my mom to get me a pair in Hong Kong. It was the shoe that set off the competition and paved the way for the creation of the Reebok Pump. I even bought a white Air Jordan 1 for P3000 and I was the first one to rock them. Remember being young and being that guy to rock them first? Great times. 

As a DJ, what music related shoes are your favorites?

Music related? Of course, the whole Kanye West Nike / adidas Yeezy collection ranks up there in my list.

I had a DJ AM Dunk, DJ AM is the first DJ to get sponsored by Nike.

Pharrell's got dope stuff. Kendrick Lamar has hot joints too, simple, wearable with a huge message. 

Toys and shoes come hand in hand, why is that?

I feel like the collaboration thing set off with Supreme. It was a bunch of skaters collaborating with artists, musicians and rappers to graffiti artists and then with toymakers. It was designers from all levels giving their all for the culture. 

Tell us about Secret Fresh

Secret Fresh is an art gallery where everyone and everything out of the box are encouraged. Events like the Rudy Fernandez Hoodie X Shirt Launch and some Yeezy releases happened here too. We can have album launches and art events as long as the artist is dope and friendly. From PUMA to NB parties and exhibits, you name it. 6 years ago is when I realized the movement is solid and Secret Fresh is my vehicle to make stuff happen. 

Your top 5 please.

I have multiple pairs of SB's starting out. My most favorite dunk is the Heineken, so stylish and clean with a fresh colorway.

I'm big into NMD's now. For its modern look and comfort.

I also am big on Jordans, Asics and New Balance. No particular model as I love them all. 

Is there a particular shoe that you can't get your hands on?

The Futura "Color Of Money" Dunk in the All White colorway. Saw one in size 9 in Singapore. No, I can't buy a pair that's not my size as I wear all my pairs. 

Got some words for your fellow Shoephorics?

Enjoy collecting, don't be serious to the point you're stepping on others. Be friends with everyone. Enjoy the moment. Sneakers bond people together. Always maximize your use of social media as it is a great avenue to meet fellow collectors in and out of the country. Have fun!