Dice and Hi-C: Forever Solemates
Tuesday, 14, February 2017

Love is like a shoe, if someone is meant for you, they will fit perfectly; no forcing, no struggling, no pain.” – Anonymous

Love is definitely in the air this season. There are those who bond over romantic movies and chocolates. Some love the idea of candlelit dinners among other sweet and mushy things. Here's something relatable for us Shoephorics; a power couple who bonds on music and of course the love for shoes. Throw some roses up in the air for our Shoephoric couple for February... Dice and Hi-C!

You guys go a long way back. Can you share with us how you got bit by the sneaker love bug?

I started with the adidas superstar way way back and then with Bape shoes. But as a couple, it was 2007 when we shared the passion for kicks that's with the BBC Ice Creams.

Do you make an effort to match each other's pair? How about your outfits?

Not really you know, we feel like we're too old to play matchy-matchy with our outfits, maybe a few color coordinations but not too much. With sneakers, we sometimes make an effort to wear the same brand but not the exact same pairs.  

Can you share with us how you gift each other with kicks? It's like one tries to outdo the other with shoe gifts!

Yeah, gifts! We love to give each other kicks but when it comes to surprising, Hi-C is really good at it.

She knows exactly what I want and she goes out of her way to get it. I don't even know how she gets a hand on those grails. Well, I guess a woman who wants the best for you is best for you huh.

Your musical pursuits... can you share with us how they relate to shoes?

Music goes hand in hand with fashion, and when you say fashion, that’s the whole ensemble. For me, shoes should match your outfit. Sneakers these days are made for a certain pair of pants or look. It’s not all about the functionality anymore.

Give us your top 5!


5. Nike Air Max 90 Crocskin Atomic Red

Image: sneakersaddict.com

4. adidas YZY 350 Boost Beluga V2

Image: 43einhalb.com

3. adidas Ultraboost x Highsnobiety


2. Nike Sock Dart Tech Fleece Purple

Image: hypebeast.com

1. adidas x Pharrell NMD Human Race

Image: shoephoric

Hi-C TOP 5

5. Puma Fenty Creepers

4. adidas YZY 350 Boost Copper

Image: 43einhalb.com

3. Nike Air Jordan 1 Bred

Image: shoephoric

2. adidas x Bape NMD

1. Nike Air Max 90 Infrared

Image: kicksonfire.com

Your daughter seems to be following your footsteps. Did she pick it up naturally from your respective sneaker habits?

Not really, I throw in a few suggestions on what type of shoes can go with a certain type of outfit, what to wear or what not to wear and how to wear it you know stuff like that. The good thing is that she listens; most kids think parents are uncool.

What is your all time favorite couple shoe?

Our adidas superstar no doubt. No hype just pure dopeness!

Is there a sneaker that both of you are on the hunt for now?

We hunted for the adidas x Bape NMD. We even went to Taipei for it but failed, only to get it here through some hookups by our good reseller friends.

Share with us a typical shoe scenery in the household...

We rock every shoe that we have. We don’t just buy and stock them. But it’s me who does all the cleaning.


Mad props and shoutouts to SHOEPHORIC, Diamond sneaks, Shoe Game Manila, Sole Slam, adidas Talk Philippines, Yeezytalk.ph, To all sneaker pimps out there and to our fellow sneaker heads!