El Zapattilaz
Wednesday, 18, January 2017

 shoephoric is all about breaking boundaries and meeting fellow shoe enthusiasts from around the world.

Seeing our community constantly grow with different cultures who openly share their view of wears and grail pairs is amazing beyond words. It’s this collection of different perspectives that broaden our appreciation for diversity and cultural standpoints when it comes to sneakers and streetwear.

Enter El Zapatillaz Tio from Zürich, Switzerland, our Pick of the Year for 2016. A man who strongly believes in individuality, the sheer appreciation for shoes, and the back stories that make them more desirable. Captured with perfectly executed shots, his carefully assembled collection of runners has been drawing much inspiration to many – both for style and photography.

Sneaker love goes far beyond. From the Land of Alps, meet our Featured Shoephoric!

Who and what influenced you to be involved with shoes and photography?

Back in 1991, I was active in basketball and like most aspiring 13 year olds, Michael Jordan was my idol. So my appreciation for Jordans quickly grew. But true enough, by the time I stopped playing on court, I moved over to runners, which nowadays is still my current favorite footwear category.

For photography, it was about 8 years ago when I followed this crazy guy called Zbona. I love his work and the finishing he always does with his pictures. I think he was the one who made me fall in this world of shooting and working pics true LR and PS.

What kind of shoes are you into?

I`m strictly into runners, I love the shape of a good runner.... just never ever give me Yeezys! I can’t stand how people don’t want to have something limited, something you don’t see in every corner of the city. It`s just crazy! But OK... taste is taste. Some like it, I just don’t. Haha! But yes, definitely runners for me. :-)

What’s the shoe game like in Switzerland?

Now a day, the most popular joints are similar to the rest of the world. NMD, Boost, Yeezy. In my honest opinion, Switzerland copies trends like most nations. Unfortunately, most people have lost their touch of their own personal style, maybe thinking if you copy, you can’t go wrong.

Shoephoric is growing globally, are you open to personally meet your fellow members?

Yes! If someone comes to Zürich hit me up! I’ll show you around the city and we can take shots together. 

We have a lot of Shoephoric photographers who love your work. They're curious about the camera & equipment you use. Care to share them with us? Any photography tips?

I shoot with a Sony Alpha 7R. I got me 3 lenses, all ZEISS, the 50mm F1.8, 85mm f1.8 Batis and a zoom lens 16-35mm/F4. I also use a Sony flash HVL-60M and two other flashes, the Yongnuo Speedlite YN560-III with a YN560-TX flash controller. Some soft boxes and reflectors, the basics that I think everybody should have in their camera bag.

Tips are hard to give if you don’t know where to start, but if someone has a question do pm me in Facebook. Since I got time, I’ll gladly help other people. 

Are you looking forward to any releases for this year? Do share them with us.

Well I`m waiting to see what happens to the Air Max 1, I hope Nike doesn’t destroy them totally from prod… but if they drop something sweet, you’re sure to be the first to see the shot. 

Your Top 5 kicks. Why?

Oh… this is the question that always blocks me, cause I got a lot of good stuff at home. But yes, these are my top favorite pairs. Why? Because I never sold them. So they must be really special to me.

Nike X Patta Air Max 1 Premium QS Chlorophyll

Air Max 90 Beach Shale

adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Solebox

Nike Footscape Woven 2007 "Pink Pack"

Nike Air Footscape Woven Chukka Bodega

What does the word Shoephoric mean to you?

What Shoephoric means to me? Hmmm… it’s the love of shoes, sneakers, boots or whatever lets your heart pump faster when you see it. It’s about the shape, colors, laces, the way you wear a shoe. It’s not easy to explain, but the for those who live it - they know what I`m talking about. :-)

Shout Outs please!

I would like to give a big thank you to the Shoephoric crew, you’re awesome!!! A big shout out to ma bros: Saintcity, Leomatics, Dashape crew / Madkicks from Spain, Morgan24klt from BCN. These are real good people.