All Soles Day 2016
Tuesday, 8, November 2016

The stars were aligned perfectly that night... A night fit for Shoephoric royalty.

The most epic of shoes, pulse pounding music, a generous helping of good vibes, and camaraderie were present at the event to just before the long holiday kicked in!

All Soles Day 2016 was an epic night to remember. It was everything that we were expecting... and more! An overwhelming full house of friends, family and everyone in between!

Bridging The Gap

For us, it was the grand party to beat graced by the wonderful individuals that we have met over the years – Featured Shoephorics, Picks of the Month, members who were with us since day one and our ever game merchants to name a few. It was also nice to finally meet the faces behind the exhibit worthy pairs that we see daily in #Shoephoric. This was not only our celebration but yours as well!

The Labors of Shoephoric Love

We can’t thank everyone enough for sharing this milestone of 5 Shoephoric years! It’s a high rolling grandslam for our first ever Shoephoric Book and our latest Shoephoric App 1.5. Both are lit and are signs of more Shoephoric feats to come!

Always Grateful to our Shoephoric Sponsors and Partners

To our awesome Sponsors you have our undying respect. We have special highlight for our sponsor tomorrow so do keep posted!

Major Sponsors: Saucony Originals Philippines and Urban Athletics

Partners: Avant Auctions and Gallery Big

Sponsors: One Step Ahead, The Nines PH, Outkast Paradigm, Sptero Knows SB, Sole Slam Manila, Sneakpeek, Shoegame Manila, Pumped Up Kicks, PONY, Medisina, Magnus, Goons, Don't Blame The Kids, Kickstatik, Daedalus, Diamond Sneaks, LivinLav Co.


Be Prepared for 2017!

Things will only get bigger from here. We’re cooking up ASD 2017 to be ultra amazing. So save the date! October 28 is All Soles Day! Keep it right here!

Cheers from the Shoephoric Team! Check all our All Soles Day 2016 pictures HERE.