Fast Forward at Five: Team Shoephoric
Monday 10, October 2016

When you're too involved with what you do, time flies by so fast that you are in awe of what huge growth you have achieved. It's all about starting something you're truly passionate about, it’s connecting and bonding with others who share the same interest and dreams. This collective love is making an impact globally.... We call it shoephoric.

We've seen a lot of trends come and go, styles come in and out of the woodwork, we've seen the most underrated shoe suddenly become holy grails and the hottest shoe turn cold. But one thing's for sure, shoephoric is here to stay, bigger and better than ever.

Ann Jacobe, Shoephoric Founder

Shoephoric is my baby. I've seen it go through many transformations - from my love for anything shoes to a global network that encourages sharing and appreciation. It's an affirmation that it's not just a trend but an exciting lifestyle that knows no boundaries. We celebrate 5 years of doing what we do best- bridging gaps and bringing everyone together through shoes, friendship and good times!

Lyndon Cruz, Co-Founder

Shoephoric to me is a community with a great culture, one that aims to bring together everyone into shoes, it's rewarding to witness its growth. I can’t wait for Shoephoric to grow exponentially, that would be a dream come true.

Toska Jacobe, Developer

Shoephoric is family. It's more than just sharing your shoe collection, it's that same passion that binds all of us. As we grow in Shoephoric we gain more friends who become really close to us. It's amazing how a simple love for shoes can spark friendships and how this common interest can build relationships.

April Manio, Resource Manager

Shoephoric is sharing the love for shoes. I hope the community continues to grow further and that we can all be “shoephoric” together. It's the camaraderie and the open mindedness that keeps this group united.

Divine Liwanag, Developer

Shoephoric enables me to pursue what I love. Being with a group who loves shoes is great but it's more than that. The team encourages me to dream big, to turn weaknesses to opportunities. Shoephoric is love.

Irene Hilario, Project Specialist

Shoephoric is a state of mind. To live each day more appreciative with the little things in life – starting with ourselves from the feet up!

Rogel Africa, Writer

For me Shoephoric is a dream come true. It has not only given me a job / hobby, but a community that I enjoy interacting with. If the outside world thinks of shoes as a passing phase, sorry to say that shoe culture and Shoephoric will be here to stay. 

Shoephoric is friendship forged from shoes, much like your favourite worn pair, it’s built to last.

JP Arceo, Graphic Designer

At first, I thought Shoephoric was just about being hyped on expensive limited edition shoes. Owning dozens of sneakers, buying almost every week? I've been there. As the years went by, I've realized that it's not just about the brand, the price or number of shoes. Shoephoric is also the love and appreciation of the pair itself. There's a lot more freedom and enjoyment in appreciating shoes rather than pressuring one's self in competing with the current trends. That's one thing I love in the #Shoephoric Community - you have shoes, you love them, you're in.

Brianne Jacobe, PR and Marketing

Shoephoric is always and in all ways about the love for shoes. Doesn't matter if it's cheap or expensive—a thrift shop pair can put me in awe as much as a pair of game worn 1985 Jordan 1 pair would.

Our organic growth helped us build an all-encompassing and respectful community. We're all genuinely interested with what you have and what you can share with everyone.

Forging local and global friendships along with the launch of Shoephoric 1.5 and our first ever book both in digital and print, things are definitely on the up and up! This is further proof that when you’re all heart in what you do, everything exceeds your wildest expectations. Five years and riding high, the only limit is our collective imagination!

Wear your best pairs and see you on All Soles Day!

Be Shoephoric!