#VolumeII: Step Up to Win!
Monday, 5, June 2017

We are here to satiate your cravings for style and footwear. From the individuals to the pairs, to the stories and visuals... everything was meticulously put together just for you.

Download the shoephoric Magazine #VolumeII now on App Store and share with us your favorite page!



1. Download the shoephoric Magazine Volume II from App Store

2. Screen cap and post your favorite page on #shoephoric Facebook group, Instagram or shoephoric App

3. Hashtag #shoephoric #VolumeII

4. First 11 to post will win our exclusive # tees!



First 11 to post a shoephoric Magazine #VolumeII screen capture or picture wins



Exclusive # tee in preferred size.


All winners will be announced in this mechanics page and will also be messaged by shoephoric.

Winners may also send their details below to

          Contest Title:

          Full Name:

          Instagram Account (if won via Instagram):


          Contact Number:



* Sizes XXL and XXXL is available upon request. 


  • Contest is open internationally.
  • Winner cannot win twice.
  • Screencap or picture should be a page within the shoephoric Magazine #VolumeII. Magazine cover from the App Store is not valid.
  • First 11 entries that comply with all the mechanics will win. 
  • Flaming and trolling will not be tolerated in and on all sites handled by shoephoric. shoephoric believes in the freedom of speech and expression that falls within the context of anon-flame zone environment. Comments that will NOT be accepted in shoephoric:
    • Name calling, baiting, insults, bigotry, veiled or blatant character attacks or harassment.
    • Excessive foul, rude or dirty language.
    • Off topic posts, spam, or any other non-related posts.
    • False or controversial statements that cause distress or arguments.


  • Winners are subject to verification.
  • The winner can only choose from the prizes provided by shoephoric.
  • Prizes are subject to availability. Sizes available are XS, S, M, L, XXL, XXXL.
  • Prize is not redeemable for cash. Prize is transferable. No exchange or substitution of prize, except at the sole discretion of shoephoric.
  • If Winner is found to be ineligible or not in compliance with these rules, then that winner will be disqualified. The prize will be awarded to an alternate winner who is next in rank.
  • If the Winner does not claim or give any option to receive their prize within 5 working days from the announcement, the prize will be forfeited and be awarded to an alternate winner who is next in rank.


  • Winner acknowledges that each prize shall be subject to its manufacturer’s standard warranty (if any) and that shoephoric does not make, nor is in any manner responsible for any warranty, representations, expressed or implied, in fact, or in law, regarding the quality, conditions, fitness or merchantability of the prize being offered.
  • Winner assumes all liability for any injury or damage caused or claimed to be caused, by participation in this promo or use/misuse or redemption of the prize.
  • Members acknowledge that shoephoric has the right to use contest entries, uploaded photos and registered usernames or complete names in as shoephoric marketing material.


  • Participants acknowledge that the Sponsor may also send information, samples or special offers it believes may be of interest to the participants.
  • Personal information collected from participants is subject to the Privacy Policy, which can be found at




  1. Mel Corpuz Rueco
  2. Mac Manalo
  3. Arman Dela Cruz
  4. John Paul Briones
  5. Dharell Lat
  6. Xander Cruz Conejar
  7. David Matriano
  8. Cheng Ortaleza

Keep on sharing! Contest is not over yet!

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